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QUickbooks online is available to the public.  Do I need you?

You can certainly buy a subscription and record transactions.  The benefit of using me as both a CPA and a ProAdvisor is:

  • You do not have to make time to learn all the features of the software or stay on top of the new features.

  • I have more than 20+ years of experience which reduces analysis time and increases your speed to respond and make the appropriate business decision.

  • You will still be involved.  The different packages that I offer provide you options for how involved you are.  My role (regardless of package) is to ensure that your transactions are captured efficiently and to highlight any "watch outs".

  • I am cost efficient.  You get the cost of a CPA for a fraction of the cost, as my salary is shared among many clients.

I have "my way" of looking at things.  I don't need fancy reports.  I just want to know if I am doing well.

We agree!  I only want to provide information that will help you to manage your business.  I will make sure that you are compliant with your filings to "keep you out of trouble".  A report for your taxes or for your banker should look different than one that you use to make decisions.  That is why I created different service packages - to help you decide what you need. It is also why there are no prices on this website.  I price based on your needs.

If anyone gives you a one size fits all report, then you are not getting the service level you deserve.

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