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Why outsource?

Because Business Isn't Picture Perfect


This is me, at my branding photo shoot.  I didn't throw this picture away.  WHY?  Because things often do not go as planned.  We adapt.  We correct.  We learn.

When I work with a business, I help them to plan.  To adapt.  To correct.  To learn.  We do this TOGETHER.

Knowing and recognizing what we are great at and what we need help at is why you need to think about whether accounting/ bookkeeping and tax should be done by you.

Laura brings to this partnership with your business:

  • "Big business expertise":  Removing some of the learning curve from you.  AND this is done on your budget.

  • A partnership with Intuit which provides you with access to Quickbooks Online which is secure and always changing to help small businesses grow.  Cloud accounting software allows us both to work where it makes sense. 

  • Experience with CRA defense.  This will provide your business with expertise on documentation strategies which will make any CRA reviews flow easily.  Quickbooks online has strong retention capabilities which means we will have the documents when we need them.

  • A network of professionals to help you with other areas of your business.  This includes, but is not limited to: financial advisors, insurance brokers, lawyers and commercial lease auditors.  In addition, I have a network of clients who are also willing to jump in if you have a specific business need. 

  • A passion for helping businesses grow.  I celebrate wins with my clients.  I get excited for their new ideas.  I take away the parts of their business (bookkeeping, taxes) that does not get them excited and I replace it with more time to work on your business and some great reports about your business.

  • A track record of speaking your business rather than accounting talk.  I take the time to learn about your industry so that I can apply a recommendation with the right level of business acumen -- but also so you know what I am saying!

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